How the Egg branding came about.

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The egg hatching a book represents me “Reea Rodney” breaking out of my shell and removing all of the barriers I had built before myself which kept me silent and unseen for many years. As a young child I stuttered a lot, because of this I developed a dislike for books as well as reading out loud for anyone to hear. The fear of humiliating myself when prompted to read in class or at any social gathering was overwhelming and would often give me panic attacks.  This fear rooted itself inside of me and as I grew into a young adult so did low self-esteem and self-doubt.

I migrated to New York in 2006 and was later employed as a child care aid provider “AKA” nanny.  As a nanny one of my duties is reading to the kids. At first this was very daunting to me as I hadn’t any desire to engage in reading, however reading was part of my responsibility so I did. I must admit it didn’t take me long to realize that children don’t judge, they don’t recognize what we may identify as failures. I eventually came to the realization that I was in a judge free zone and I began feeling very relaxed and comfortable in this setting. This was when I found my witty personality and my voice from within and discovered that reading to children brought me joy.

As the years went by with me being a nanny, my love for reading to the kids I cared for grew, and so did my desire to teach and educate them. I especially enjoy problem solving any issues that may occur with the kids. While being a nanny to two beautiful twin girls I was inspired to write my first children book “Sisters First & Best Friends Forever”. An egg hatching symbolizes new life. An egg hatching a book is symbolic to me breaking out of my shell and releasing all of the negative tension from within and freeing myself from judgement. The egg hatching a book represents me bringing my words and creativity to life with the stories that I write. It is my desire that my stories bring comfort, self-confidence, safety, reassurance and much more as I target real issues that both kids and adults go through in many different walks of life.

Coloring Choice

I chose the Primary Colors Blue, Red, and Yellow.  Theses three colors represents Originality, Pureness, and Power. All other colors are formed by using these colors.
I used my name Reea as an Acroynm to further personalize my brand so its reflects who I am as a brand.
REEA:  Read – Enlightened – Empower – Aspire

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  1. Peron Johnson on September 14, 2016 at 8:47 pm

    Hmmm this brings back many childhood memories.
    I can relate to many of the experiences shared of your formative years.

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