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2020—The Year All the Lemons Were Served: Finding Optimism During Adversity

2020 Bestseller book

Have you asked yourself these questions:

  • Why me?
  • Is my faith not strong enough to weather the storms of life?
  • Will God heal me or is He chastising me?
  • How can I achieve my dreams and aspirations?
  • What is my purpose?

Harness the power of adversity by learning how to “Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste.”

Penned with love and transparency, you’ll read the powerful testimonies from 15 dynamic women in 2020 The Year All The Lemons Were Served: Finding Optimism During Adversity, as they share their journey of spiritual growth during the devastation of the pandemic.
In this inspirational and conversational book by International Bestselling Author Reea Rodney and 14 other trailblazers, you will read their powerful and insightful stories on what it means to hold on to faith when life breaks your heart or presents or tosses lemons at you. Discover how to navigate your way through life’s unexpected challenges with God’s grace as you connect to a deeper faith while on your own journey that may be laced with adversity, fear, loss, grief, disappointment, hurt, abuse, destiny, and purpose.
More specifically, in 2020 The Year All the Lemons Were Served: Finding Optimism During Adversity, you will learn how to:
  • Grow stronger through adversity and uncertainty.
  • Build or rebuild your relationship with God.
  • Have hope against all odds.
  • Slow down and be in moment.
  • Build authentic relationships with others.
  • Wake up to what’s possible in your life.
  • Stop procrastinating and live your dreams now.
  • Break free of limiting beliefs that keep you stuck and in bondage.
Join the “Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste” Kingdom Mindset Women in this exceptional book collaboration.

Names of all the authors and contributors

Visionary Author: #1 International Bestselling Author Reea Rodney

Co-authors: #1 International Bestselling Authors: Rhonda Small Peters, Rose Dawson, Petra Neckles, Beverly DeSouza, Racine Pough, Grace Roseman, Josanne Rene Rojas, Dominque Bradford, Kelicia Letlow-Peroune, Tonja Nunnally, Sonia Whitlock, Sharon Alexander, Stephanie Hammond, Jennifer Roseman-Batson