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Many times, we are faced with situations that force life altering changes. How we deal with them is a choice. Reea Rodney migrated to the United States from Trinidad in 2006 to create a better life for her family. She was pursuing a degree in pediatric nursing, but soon became ill. After months of extensive testing for many different diseases, she was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. This common chronic pain condition affects more than 5 million people in the United States, primarily women.

After her diagnoses, Reea came to the realization that she needed to re-evaluate her career path. Within the first two years of battling her illness, she made several healthy lifestyle changes and slowly began to see some improvement in the way she felt. During this time, she decided to use her years of experience as a mom, and her platform as a professional childcare provider, along with her burning desire to educate children, to author a children’s book. Via her publishing company, Dara Publishing, her first book, Juniper and Rose: Sisters First and Best Friends Forever, was released in 2016. “I am passionate about making a difference in the lives of children; it’s important to teach them how to address life issues in an educational and creative way,” says Reea. Her stories address topics such as adjusting to change, separation anxiety, behavioral issues, bravery, big imagination, witty personality, love, compassion, and teamwork, and several other wonderful inspirations. “I know in my heart that my future lies in sharing my stories with children in every walk of life; all over the world.”

Reea’s motivation for writing Juniper and Rose: Sisters First and Best Friends Forever (available in English and Spanish) is directly related to the joy and satisfaction derived from two beautiful twin sisters. Taking care of them, observing and reading to them gave Reea incredible insight into how children relate to each other, their family, peers, and the world around them.

In her book, readers are introduced to twin sisters, Juniper and Rose, who were best friends until differences in their interests began to pull them apart. With the help of Mom and Dad, they learn that through acceptance, compromise, and teamwork, their differences can be fun! “It’s easy is to see the differences between ourselves and others, but it’s harder to make sense of and appreciate these differences,” said Reea, “more importantly, how to explain life changes and the value of diversity to our growing children.”

In addition, Reea has published Juniper and Rose Coloring and Activity Book and Juniper and Rose: One More Bite Please. In this book, mom and dad are having a hard time encouraging their girls to eat. Learn how a little creativity can go a long way during mealtime.

Reea also has a children’s clothing line – Strictly Essential Styles by Dara. When she’s not writing or designing, Reea serves as a member of 500 Men Making a Difference, which is a non-profit organization operating in the five boroughs of New York City. The organization engages young men ages 12-22 in one on one mentoring, hands on community revitalization projects, group tutoring and volunteer placement.

For more information on Reea Rodney, her debut children’s book, upcoming book signings and workshops, or to purchase her books log onto her website, www.darapublishing.co.


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My Illustrator

Alexandra Gold is a children’s book illustrator. She graduated with a master’s degree in graphic design but never gave up on her passion for illustration, which she now does full time.

How the Egg branding came about.

The egg hatching a book represents me, Reea Rodney, breaking out of my shell and removing all of the barriers I had built over the years. As a young child I stuttered a lot and because of this, I developed a dislike for books – especially when asked to read out loud in front of an audience. The fear of humiliating myself when prompted to read in class or at any social gathering was overwhelming and would often give me panic attacks. This fear rooted itself inside of me and as I grew into a young adult; so did low self-esteem and self-doubt.

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I migrated to New York in 2006 and was later employed as a child care aid provider / nanny.  As a nanny one of my duties is reading to the children I cared for. At first this was very daunting to me as I hadn’t any desire to engage in reading, however reading was part of my responsibility so I did. I must admit it didn’t take me long to realize that children don’t judge; they don’t recognize what we may identify as failures. It was refreshing to be in a judge-free-zone, and I began feeling very relaxed and comfortable in this setting. This was when I discovered my witty personality and my voice from within. Suddenly, reading to children brought me much joy. As time went on, not only did my love for reading to the children enhanced, so did my desire to teach and educate them. I especially enjoy helping them find solutions to their issues or problems.

While being a nanny to two beautiful twin girls I was inspired to write my first children book “Juniper and Rose: Sisters First and Best Friends Forever.” This truly was me breaking out of my shell, just like an egg being hatched, symbolizing new life. More specifically, an egg hatching a book is symbolic not only because I broke out of my shell, but because I released all of the negative tension from within – freeing myself from judgment. It also represents me bringing my words and creativity to life with the stories that I write.

It is my desire that my stories bring comfort, self-confidence, safety, reassurance, and much more as I target real issues that both kids and adult goes through in many different walks of life.

Coloring Choice

I chose the Primary Colors Blue, Red and Yellow, which represents Originality, Pureness, and Power. All other colors are formed by using these colors.

I chose the first name Reea, which is an acronym for Read-Enlightened-Empower-Aspire, to further personalize my brand and reflect me as a person.

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