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Kiffy is a 28-year-old unemployed, turned full-time Trini student, whose curriculum is put on pause when she discovers a reward for information, on her whereabouts, in the local newspaper. She has two choices – succumb to cultural criticism and shame, or graduate and restore her good name and the significance of a good name according to Proverbs 22.

If Shame Came in Flavors is a memoir about the cultural shame, depression, and grief she experiences because of this publication by the bank regarding a defaulted loan. This travesty unfolded while she was in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in Communications. Kiffy becomes further angered into action upon hearing about the suicide of Amy; a single mother of three, whose name also appeared in the same advertisement.

Bestselling Author Kiffy Greaves

Candace Wallace received the shock of her life when she saw the doctor about a painful lump in her breast and came away with a Stage 2 Triple-Negative Breast Cancer diagnosis. In her book, Keeping My Song in the Face of Cancer, she shares all the disbelief, anger, and pain of enduring such an aggressive cancer and brutal chemotherapy regimen. But despite all the suffering and losses, Candace did not accept her diagnosis as a death sentence. Her Healer and Great Physician carried her through, gave her a song, and set before her a choice: and she chose life.

This book is Candace’s song, and its melody will minister to any who need healing or need to know that God is still performing miracles. Brimming with powerful scripture, prayer, poetry, and honesty, Keeping My Song in the Face of Cancer will give you a newfound faith to face your own adversities…and keep singing all the while.

Author Candace Wallace