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At the beginning stage of publishing my children’s book, Reea was instrumental with the interior design and that literally brought my book to life. Reea has a creative and distinctive eye with editing and designing books.

Reea gives you her undivided attention while working with her clients. You will feel like you’re her only client. She pours her heart into helping others be exceptional authors. She treats each project as her own and provides excellent service.

Janell Jones Headshot

Dr. Janell Jones

TEDx Speaker, Certified Life Coach and Author of “Beauty in Mahogany & It All Begins with You….”

When we have a good experience with a service or a product, we can say that it enhanced our life or made it easier. It’s not often when we can say something we pay for has changed our life. But that’s exactly what happened when I allowed Reea Rodney at Dara Publishing to take over my book campaign. I was an author. Now, I am a BESTSELLING author. That one word changed my life.

I think of Reea as an angel…or the Fairy Godmother of Publishing. Although you must still do your part, which she will guide you through, she is also at work behind the scenes, doing what you cannot do for yourself. It’s not magic, but you’ll think it is! She transforms your book idea into something you can be proud of. Hire Reea, do what she says, and you too will see that change in your life.


Elle Powers

Editor, Educator and Author of I Am Mr. Poe and Angel of Eventide: A Novel

Reea and her team at Dara Publishing have been very professional throughout the process of publishing my book, “From The Heart Of A Warrior.” She went above and beyond. As a first-time author, I became very confident in Reea’s ability to guide me in the right direction. She has been very methodical and thorough in capturing my vision and ideas. She didn’t just get things done; she got things accomplished!! Reea provided the tools and processes that made me a better author. She’s caring and authentic. She guided me through the entire publishing process. For her dedication to success, I am grateful. I highly recommend Dara Publishing to anyone interested in publishing their work.

Mendez Frith Professional Photo

Medez Frith

U.S. Military Veteran, Targeting Officer and Author of From the Heart of Warrior: An Inspirational Chronicle of Poems for the Soul.”

Dara Publishing LLC allowed a dream to come true. The team created a chance of a lifetime with spiritual guidance and support. The literary success created comfort immediately, and many authors will enjoy the opportunity to have this experience, so take advantage of this moment of creativity. A very helpful experience in publishing my books. Reea has a great team and helps me overcome the hurdles faced during the process. She’s a great supporter of every client. I have self- published four children’s book thus far with Reea and her team

Brittany Mraz

Brittany Mraz

Author of the book series “Dodley Dayo,” and Co-founder of the Wagging Warrior Non-Profit Organization

With the publication of my second book, I already knew I was in good hands. Reea’s services always serve you to the fullest extent and always have your best interests at heart. Every decision she makes is aimed at putting you on the right path to lead you to success. Reea always does her best to provide you with what you need, not only to succeed but to better yourself as a person. I recommend Dara Publishing to anyone looking to self-publish because I know they will be in great hands. Whenever you use her services, I can guarantee that she will answer every question you have to the best of her ability. She will give her best 100% of the time. She will not only push herself but also her team to get things completed in a timely manner and will always be honest. Whether you are a first-time writer or a seasoned writer, she will set you up for success, and I wholeheartedly recommend Dara Publishing.

Zoie Headshot

Zoie Seay

Author of the Luckiest Child and What If My Hair Had Feet?

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