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Childhood Reflections

Isn’t it wonderful to learn new things about yourself, and to uncover talents you did not even know you possessed? It’s like Dorothy easing down that yellow brick road to a new and thrilling adventure. Uncertain of what awaits her, yet what she did know was that whatever it was, it would be amazing. Or perhaps opening Pandora’s box to unlock the mystery that is hidden inside but instead of evil, good comes out.

Imagine looking in the mirror for the very first time and finally seeing yourself for who you truly are – a versatile, courageous person of limitless talents. Realizing that despite the struggles you’ve encountered, you’ve made it through. Seeing your traits as you transform into your new identity is liberating isn’t it? It brings a new meaning to the old adage, “the sky is the limit.”

I’m a professional full-time nanny and I am very passionate about my vocation. I truly love caring for children and I often refer to them as “my kids” because in many ways that is exactly who they are to me. Why? Well the answer is simple, I am invested in them and I care about their progress and development as individuals. For me, being a nanny is not just about being paid at the end of the week. I spend a lot of hours with my young impressionable sweethearts adding to their lives by providing them with the foundation they need to be their best selves. I’m constantly encouraging good behavior, high self-esteem, teamwork, etiquette, compassion, and empathy amongst other important life skills.

When they thrive it gives me an inner satisfaction because I know for a fact that my influence has form roots within their lives, and I have the opportunity to watch them blossom from one stage to the next. It’s like planting a tree and watching it grow. I’ve come to the realization that while imparting knowledge by teaching and nurturing the children – I can also become edified.

While doing what I love, I’ve discovered something about myself – my love for words. I realized that whenever I would read a book, I’m breathing life into the characters. Being in tuned with their stories, lives, emotions, etc. I was further able to translate this to my children. While reading the story with passion and vitality, the characters seem to fill the room. I love observing how the words would light up their faces and make their imagination soar. In our minds we would no longer be cuddling on the sofa or laying on the bed, but together we would be on and adventure. We could be on a boat in the sea being chased by pirates or on a rocket ship blasting off into space to visit our friends, the moon and stars; or even at the water park going down a gigantic slippery slide or perhaps on a train on our way to visit a distant land. You name it… in our minds, it’s possible.

I love that stories could challenge their little minds and cause them to ask questions. I was intrigued by the way their little minds would thirst for knowledge and suddenly I knew that I had found a new passion. I wanted to write and I wanted to tell the stories that would touch these children’s lives and shape their dreams. More importantly, I wanted to help their parents teach them the values that would allow them to grow into the wonderful men and women they are destined to be.

As I reflected on my childhood, I realized that I lacked the confidence to express myself, especially through reading as I had a speech impediment. However, while spending time reading to my children I saw that with them there was no judgement; there was no reason for me to hide my true self. They saw no flaws with the delivery of the story I read as they were simply enraptured with the words. I felt my self-confidence growing and it gave me the motivation to pick up my pen, so to speak, and write as the words began to flow. I recognized that I had a lot to say and share. Juniper and Rose was birth and through them I know that I am going to impact so many children in a positive way.

I have spent so many hours interacting with children that I can literally see the world through their eyes and understand the issues that touch them. Through these two characters I now have the opportunity to have a positive motivating impact with children everywhere. Juniper and Rose will personally connect with these children because the topics they address through my stories are relatable to the target audience. They will aid with social development skills such and character building, conflict resolution, self- acceptance, coping with change and much more.

By introducing these two girls into the lives of their children, parents are getting the added benefit of my wealth of experience, both as a mother and nanny as well as a children’s storybook author. Come journey with me as together we’ll continue to discover new and exciting things about ourselves in the wonderful world of words. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover the writer in you.

Reea Rodney.