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My Nanny and Me: A Children’s Picture Book About Growing, Learning, and Exploring with Your Nanny

Have you ever heard the saying “It takes a village to raise a child”?

My Nanny and Me proves that childhood is better when caring adults work together to provide fun, learning, support, and character-building structure.

Get ready to join Logan and his Nanny Shari on an exciting adventure filled with heartwarming moments and valuable life lessons. My Nanny and Me is the perfect picture storybook for children with working parents. Not only is it a fun, informative read, but it’s also an uplifting tale about the powerful bond between a child and their caretaker.

My Nanny and Me will leave your child feeling encouraged and joyful. Its engaging storyline, captivating illustrations, and inspiring affirmations will enchant and empower you and your little reader. Whether you’re looking for a children’s book about gratitude, affirmations for young children, or simply a charming, timely read, My Nanny and Me will surely delight.

Author Sharon Ward

My Body Boundaries Matter! A Picture Book That Teaches Children About Body Boundaries and Body Safety Rules

My Body Boundaries Matter! is a story that helps children develop safe body boundaries, self-awareness, and confidence. Infused with social-emotional learning (SEL), this book will help children identify when they are feeling unsafe and know what to do about it.

Violet experiences unpleasant emotions when an older boy invades her personal space at the school playground. With the help of her best friend, Violet speaks out in defense of her personal boundaries and demands respect. She later shares what happened with her Safety Network—her mom, dad, and grandmother—who empower her to protect her body and boundaries. 

Join Violet in My Body Boundaries Matter! as she shares with her readers what she learned about body safety through this experience and others examples. The book includes important discussions about.

Author Jennifer Bruno

My Hair Story: An Inspirational Children’s Picture Book That Empowers Black Girls to Love and Embrace Their Unique Beauty

Looking for an inspirational book that teaches Black girls to love themselves just the way they are? If yes, then this mom-and teacher-approved book is for you!

Children are more acute nowadays. They see and hear and experience everything our culture has to offer, which sadly tends to point to what separates us rather than what unites us. In this way, hair that is different or lacking—in texture, length, fullness, shape, color, and so on—may threaten a child’s self-esteem and sense of belonging. My Hair Story takes you on a journey with five-year-old Abigail, who is learning daily to embrace her short, curly head of hair. With the love and support she receives from her mother, Abigail comes to appreciate her “look” as her mother creates styles that not only enhance her outer beauty but build her self-confidence within.

In My Hair Story, Abigail learns how to love herself more and more each day. She discovers that the beauty and magic of her special hair come not from its length or texture but in the love and care she gives herself. Abigail’s story encourages Black girls to be proud of who they are—on the inside and the outside.

Bestselling Author Danielle Grant

Kindness is Power: A Children’s Picture Book About Dealing with Social Issues, Friendship, Kindness, Finding Your Voice, and Bullying

Children have a hard time adjusting to change, especially when they are being bullied. In Kindness Is Power, Milliane, on her first day at a new school, discovers her power is the kind attitude she exhibits to her peers—even to the class bully. Milliane’s story is designed to teach children not only about being kind but also how to find and use their voice. Readers will discover the power of teamwork, self-confidence, and standing up to bullies.

Join these five dynamic students—Milliane, Michael, Ella, Lynn, and Cannon—on a first-day-of-school adventure that will impart each reader with a bit of “kindness power.” This book was written by a school administrator and professor to help parents guide their children through the social-emotional issues students face daily.

Bestselling Author Dina

Doodley Dayo, The Mashed Potato Mix-Up: Unleashing Culinary Chaos on Thanksgiving Day

Embrace the unexpected moments and find joy in the mishaps, for they may lead to wonderful new traditions.

Join Dayo, the adorable little puppy-turned-turkey, and his mischievous feline friend Greggie in a heartwarming Thanksgiving adventure that will tickle your taste buds and warm your heart.

In The Mashed Potato Mix-Up: Unleashing Culinary Chaos on Thanksgiving Day, Dayo finds himself embroiled in a series of culinary calamities when he stumbles upon the delectable chaos of Thanksgiving preparations at Hazel’sgrandparents’ house. From sneaky stuffing episodes to noodle-chasing madness,Dayo unwittingly becomes the star of a feast filled with laughter, surprises, and,of course, a dash of cat curiosity.

As Greggie’s antics unfold, Dayo’s appetite for adventure grows, leading to a whimsical mishmash of ingredients and unexpected flavors. Marshmallow-covered faces, pumpkin-pie paw prints, and a house full of giggles reveal the true spirit of Thanksgiving: the joy of togetherness and the enchantment of unexpected moments.

Author Britany Mraz

Doodley Dayo, The Curly Puppy Who Can Skateboard: A Children’s Book About Self-Confidence, the Power of Acceptance, and Friendship

Doodley Dayo is the smallest puppy in a litter of ten. Even though his siblings love him, Dayo’s wild hair, head tilts, and sideways walk make him the oddest puppy in the family. As Dayo grows, staying true to himself is hard, especially since everyone around him seems the same—and different from him. But when adopted by a girl named Hazel, Dayo discovers that his differences help him connect with kids who need a friend. Dayo learns that what makes him different is actually something to be proud of!

Hazel teaches this adorable, curly-haired puppy to love popcorn, skateboarding, and making new friends. But that is not the end of their story. Dayo and Hazel are just beginning their journey as a therapy dog team, helping kids in their community who, like Dayo, need to know they are not alone. Share this touching book with your child to experience the transformational power of self-confidence, acceptance, and friendship.

Author Brittany Mraz

Doodley Dayo, Dayo's First Field Day!: A Children's Book about Helping Others to Never Give Up

Being a therapy dog can be a lot of fun! This is Dayo’s first adventure as a therapy dog team with Hazel. As they start their job at Eagle Run Elementary School, Dayo discovers how he can help the students who are struggling with stress, sadness, and fitting in at school. His school days are filled with something new each day. Sometimes kids want to play games with Dayo, and other days they just need a listening ear when they have a problem.

But no matter the task, Dayo is up for the challenge. When Dayo and Hazel attend the school’s Field Day, their talents and teamwork really shine. Dayo helps the students of Eagle Run Elementary School learn how to reach their goals and to never give up. Along the way, even Dayo is reminded to always keep trying as he works toward earning the big Field Day trophy for his new friends! Mom, Teacher, and Therapist Approved!

Author Brittany Mraz

Doodley Dayo - Santa Gets a Snow Day!: A Children’s Book About Christmas Magic and Believing in the Unseen

Christmas is always a magical time of year, but when combined with a snow day, anything is possible! As Hazel and Dayo enjoy sledding and snow cones on a snowy Christmas Eve, Dayo wonders about Santa and Christmas magic. “How do reindeer fly? Do Santa and his reindeer get tired of flying? Is Santa even real?” These are just some of Dayo’s many questions as he and Hazel prepare for Christmas morning. 

When Dayo unexpectedly meets Santa and his reindeer, he learns that Santa has never had a snow day. Dayo can’t believe he’s never experienced such a fun day and is determined to show Santa what he’s been missing. But meeting Santa isn’t his only surprise. All of Dayo’s questions will be answered as he discovers if Christmas magic is real and just in time for Christmas morning.

Author Brittany Mraz

What If My Hair Had Feet? For the Child with All the Questions

If you have kids, you know they ask a lot of questions, as there’s a lot for them to explore. Asking questions is essential to learning, and it’s something kids do naturally. In What If My Hair Had Feet? Jax is a curious little boy whose mind is always running wild, which makes him think of the most peculiar questions. On the day his dad takes him to the barber to get his hair cut, the craziest of all questions pops in his head. Laugh and wonder along with Jax as you watch his imagination come alive on the pages of this book.

Do you have a child who asks all kinds of questions? Then this story is perfect for you. Enjoy quality time together as you and your little one laugh your way through this funny rhyming book. This story encourages children to explore their curiosity through questions, which help to grow their imagination and help them to navigate the world as they see it. A child’s curiosity is a seed of knowledge that sprouts in the mind. It’s up to us—parents and teachers and caregivers—to nurture it and help it grow.

From the author of The Luckiest Child: Becoming a Blended Family—this book is Child, Mom, Educator, and Therapist Approved!

Bestselling Author Zoey Seay

Cash's Money Ties: Teaching Kids about the Power of Imagination, Entrepreneurship, and Teamwork

Ignite your child’s imagination and engage their capacity for entrepreneurship by helping them recognize the superpower skills and passions they already possess.

Cash’s Money Ties is an inspiring, educational, and affirming children’s book, which teaches significant life lessons about entrepreneurship while highlighting the importance of family, teamwork, community, and believing in yourself.

Cash never wanted to be normal. He always desired superpowers, which were promised to come by his tenth birthday, but he didn’t know how to tap into them. With the help of his friends, his family, and his community, Cash discovers that his talents and passion to succeed are his most valuable powers. Follow Cash in his journey to self-discovery, self-confidence, and success.

International Bestselling Author Fenyx Blue

The Four Fearless Friends: Online Schooling Is Rolling Season to Season: A Children’s Book to Comfort, Empower, and Guide Children Through Social Distancing and Remote Learning During the Pandemic

Life can be hard—especially in this Pandemic World. But as hard as it is for us, it’s even harder for our children

Online School Is Rolling Season After Season is a fun and interactive book that parents and educators can use to help children adjust to the changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our kids need encouragement and guidance so they can succeed in virtual learning, adapt to social distancing, and build self-confidence in the process.

Just like countless of children around the world, best friends Jeremy, Kizzy, Gary, and Jeff miss playing with each other face to face and going to school in the classroom. But…while the world changed around them, they had no choice but to adapt to their “new normal” and change from within so they could embrace the many adventures ahead.

Author Tanya McNellie

Rezi's Rainbow Adventures: Turning Trash To Treasure

Rezi’s mind runs a mile a minute, and he often has trouble keeping his focus. His imagination takes him to wonderful places, but also keeps him from finishing projects, and his grades suffer. For Rezi, making art is the cure for his busy mind. He finds inspiration in the recycle bin, creating sculptures out of would-be trash. He also discovers that by writing his thoughts down on paper and slipping them into a box, he can keep all his ideas at the ready and tackle them one at a time. In Rezi’s Rainbow Adventures, you will love how Rezi not only turns trash into treasures, but turns his own challenges into opportunities to help others.

Rezi’s Rainbow Adventures is a whimsically illustrated rhyming book that tells the story of a boy with attention deficit disorder. Rezi’s dream of traveling comes true as he takes a special trip across the globe to help his pen pal in Tanzania. They construct a house out of recycled materials, and natural resources. What started out as chaos and frustration becomes a noble mission as Rezi turns his attention toward helping people and the planet.

Author Katharine D Strickland

Yarrie’s ABCs of Black History: Black History from A to Z: An Inspirational Children’s Story

Looking for an inspiring and empowering way to teach children about Black history? If yes, then this parent-and teacher-approved book is for you!

The minds of children are like sponges. They see, hear, and experience everything society has to offer. Because of this, we tend to focus on what divides us rather than what brings us together. Where does Black history fit in? Black history focuses on the important roles African Americans played and continue to play in the fabric of American society. By educating children about African Americans’ triumphs, struggles, and contributions to education, science, art, law, medicine, and so forth, we help eliminate racism, facilitate student, and parent education and challenge narrow-minded beliefs. Yarrie’s ABCs of Black History takes you to the classroom where seven-year-old Yarrie is presenting a project on important Black figures from A to Z. 

In Yarrie’s ABCs of Black History, we learn about inspirational Black figures from history, ranging from NASA Mathematician Dorothy Vaughan to legendary musician Nat King Cole. This educational yet creative book provides children from all backgrounds with a fun and intriguing way to learn about Black history.

Author Tamika Vantifflin

Juniper and Rose - We Will Always Come Back.

The good news: Grandma and Grandpa are coming to visit! The bad news: Mom and Dad are going away and leaving Juniper and Rose behind.

How will the sisters handle their conflicting emotions? They love their grandma and grandpa, who always come with fun gifts and stories and lots of love. But they’ve never been away from their mom and dad either.

In We Will Always Come Back, Juniper and Rose learn to let go of Mom and Dad and embrace new adventures with Grandma and Grandpa.

Juniper & Rose: Sisters First and Best Friends Forever

It’s easy to see the differences between ourselves and others, but it’s harder to make sense of and  appreciate those differences. How can we explain life changes and the value of diversity to our growing children?

“Sisters First and Best Friends Forever” is a story for any child needing guidance while navigating change. Twin sisters Juniper and Rose were best friends until differences in their interests began to pull them apart. With the help of Mom and Dad, they learn that through acceptance, compromise, and teamwork, their differences can be fun!

This book was written by a professional care-giver to help parents guide their children through the adjustment process. It’s vibrant text and beautiful illustrations bring the characters to life as it targets real issues that kids and adults constantly deal with.

This is a must have for any children’s book collection.

Juniper y Rose: Primero Hermanas y Mejores Amigas por Siempre

¿Puedes explicar los cambios en la vida y el valor de la diversidad a tus niños en crecimiento?

Aunque que es sencillo ver las diferencias entre nosotros y otras personas, es más difícil darle sentido y apreciar estas diferencias, por no decir, explicárselas a un niño.

Juniper & Rose: One More Bite Please

Two endearing twin sisters star in a humorous story about the triumph of the food battle, through love and imagination. Embark in an epic food battle adventure in One More Bite Please, the second book in the Juniper and Rose series. 

The sisters refuse to eat their meals, causing Mom and Dad to be concerned for the health of their daughters. Mom and Dad must devise a plan to not only encourage healthy eating, but make meal time more enjoyable. With peanut butter and jelly princess sandwiches, orange slices in the shape of a large goldfish, and pancakes shaped into a lion, Mom and Dad sure hope that their princesses will take a bite and end the food battles once and for all. 

Parents, in addition to this epic adventure, interactive tools, meal ideas and recipe cards of each meal listed in the book are available on the Dara Publishing website.

Juniper Y Rose Un Bocado Mas, Por Favor

Dos tiernas hermanas gemelas son las protagonistas de esta cómica historia sobre ganar las peleas por la comida con amor e imaginación. Embárcate en esta épica aventura de comida en ¡Un bocado más, por favor!, el segundo libro en la serie de Juniper y Rose. 

Las hermanas se niegan a comer sus comidas, haciendo que sus padres se preocupen por su salud. Mamá y Papá crean un plan para que no sólo coman de manera saludable, sino para también hacer de las comidas un rato divertido. 

Con sándwiches de mantequilla de maní y jalea, rodajas de naranja con forma de pez dorado, y panqueques con forma de león, Mamá y Papá esperan que sus princesas coman un bocado más y por fin dejen de pelear al momento de la comida. Los recursos para padres y educadores incluyen herramientas interactivas, ideas para las comidas, y tarjetas con recetas para cada comida incluida en el libro.

A Boy Named Tuck: Tuck and His Magic Stick

Tuck and His Magical Stick is a quirky, humorous, and utterly irresistible story that encourages self-confidence and self-esteem. From being a firefighter, who rescues a cat from a tree; to becoming a pirate, searching for lost treasure… explore a world filled with fun and adventure from a boy who knows that with a little bit of imagination, life can never be dull. This is a story for anyone, at any age, who embraces the power of the imagination. It serves as a reminder that everyone is precious, special, and exceptional.

The Luckiest Child - Becoming a Blended Family

This book is a MUST read!!!

The Luckiest Child: Becoming a Blended Family 

Little Bear has just been told that he is going to be part of a blended family, and he is so worried. Lucky, a magical four-leaf clover, is sent on a mission to help Little Bear overcome those worries and better understand his new family dynamic.

What if Papa Bear doesn’t want to spend time with me? What if my stepmom tries to make new rules? These are just a few of the “what if” questions troubling Little Bear in this story.

Is he doomed, or will he overcome his worries?

Bestselling Author Zoie Seay

Bree Goes to School

Bree’s First Day of School is an amusing but inspiring way to help children overcome their fears and anxieties and adjust more quickly on their first day of school.

Bree and her friends show that children thrive best when they are happy. They love fun, laughter, and friendships. They like inclusiveness, participation, and acknowledgment, and their abilities to problem-solve should never be underestimated.

In new situations, our emotions sometimes get out of hand, but they can be channeled into teachable moments, which help to build confidence, self-esteem, and respect.

Bestselling Author Elizabeth Birchwood

The Travels of Bumpzee and Swendee

A heartwarming story about family, exploration, making new friends, empathy, kindness, and celebrating the great outdoors.

Will the twin clouds Bumpzee and Swendee be able to help their new friend? Will they learn to work as a team?

When Toughball the snowball gets separated from his family because he was exploring the caves and lost track of time, he finds himself stuck on the snowcapped mountain and needing help. Two passersby named Bumpzee and Swendee, who are twin clouds, hear his cry for help and come to his rescue. Can they help Toughball find his way home to his family?

Bestselling Author Wendy Nobie

Mr. Wolf Clears His Name: A Children’s Story About Finding Your Voice and Standing Up for the Truth

Do you feel voiceless at times? Do you sometimes feel that life is unfair?

We’ve all heard the story of “The Three Little Pigs.” And we can all name the villain of that story (and others)—the Big Bad Wolf. But did you ever stop to wonder if it was all a big misunderstanding?

In this modern sequel to the classic fable, investigative reporter Andy Hare and his friends uncover the truth about the Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf during their school summer vacation. When Andy hears crying from next door and discovers the secret identity of his neighbor, Mr. Wolf, he is on the case to help clear his name!

Anyone who has been falsely accused and unfairly excluded will cheer when the truth finally comes out. Come celebrate with Andy, Mr. Wolf, and the whole community as they stand for truth and justice.

Bestselling Author Janice Jones

I'm Just a Kid: A Social-Emotional Book about Self-Regulation

Self-regulation is having the ability to control your behavior and feelings and to manage your emotions and thoughts.

What can Ben do when he gets angry or upset? What does his mom do when Ben does not know how to calm himself down?  

“Ahhhh, it’s not working!” Have you ever been so frustrated that you just want to scream? Ben is a kid who loves to play, especially with his puzzles, which help him learn and grow. But he often experiences many BIG emotions when things don’t go his way. Like many other kids, he has to learn different ways to help him cope with his anger so he can calm himself down.

In I’m Just a Kid, Ben’s big emotions can be overwhelming, but with a little help from Mom, he learns how to engage more mindfully, self-regulate, and develop emotional resilience.

Bestselling Author Chandele Morris

Sylvester Slug Finds a New Home

Fun, interactive, and very entertaining, with beautiful illustrations—this is a must-read for children, parents, and teachers….

Sylvester Slug Finds a New Home explores the relationship dynamics experienced by children in grades K–5. Children are encouraged to understand their personal feelings and social problems, which is essential for them to navigate the challenges they face and to identify their emotions. Written by a mom with a child who is autistic, this book promotes positive interaction among children, parents, and teachers, while targeting some important life messages and lessons.

The storyline connects with children from all walks of life. It’s simple, direct, and easily accessible for younger children. In addition, it is a great tool for parents of children with autism or special education teachers. It can also make a great gift for a sibling of someone with autism or Asperger’s.

Bestselling Author Reneshaw Greaves

The Magical Wish: A Story of Finding Contentment and Gratitude

In a materialistic society, how can you teach children to avoid the harmful forces of consumerism and live in contentment?

The Magical Wish is a children’s book about cultivating an attitude of contentment and gratitude. It encourages children to be happy with themselves, their possessions, and their surroundings. It celebrates imagination and creativity, while promoting the importance of being thankful for the simple things in life by expressing gratitude.

In this fast-paced world, we can be easily swept up in materialism. The Magical Wish teaches children that what really matters is not what they have, but who they are as individuals. As children explore the world in this storybook through their imaginations, they become mindful of these sentiments. In The Magical Wish, Jack visits the powerful world of imagination, but he emphasizes the importance of being grateful in every situation.

Bestselling Author Marlon Fergus

Hear My Dance: An Inspirational Children's Book That Teaches Confidence, Perseverance, Acceptance, and Disability Awareness

Hear My Dance is an inspirational and heartwarming story that showcases and celebrates the beauty of our diverse world through the lens of the main character, Morgan, who is deaf and nonverbal. Following Morgan’s first day of dance school, the book provides readers with a compelling tale of inclusion and empowerment.

Morgan loves the idea of dance school, as she finds dance the best way to express herself. But she must first overcome the challenges of making new friends with those she cannot hear and who cannot hear her. Hear My Dance teaches that communication comes in many forms—including dance, music, movement, and feelings—and shows that our differences—in ourselves and others—can be our strengths.

Author Chenelle Fraser

A Nanny's Love: A Heartwarming Children's Picture Book About Love, Loss and the Bond Between a Nanny and Child

Celebrate the special bond between a child and their nanny with this delightful and heartwarming story.

Anyone who has been or had a nanny knows there’s a special bond between a nanny and the children in their care. A Nanny’s Love highlights this bond and distinguishes a nanny’s love from that of a parent. This heart-warming and beautifully illustrated book reveals the relationship between seven-year-old Michael and his “Nanna” Jenny, who has cared for him from infancy.

On one early spring night, Michael doesn’t want to sleep and asks his Nanna to tell him a story. Jenny agrees to tell the tale of how she met Michael. As the story unfolds, Michael learns how much his nanny loves him, how that love came about, and how she rues the day when he doesn’t need a nanny anymore.

Written by a passionate childcare provider with three decades of experience, this is a book about love and loss and the remarkable dynamic of A Nanny’s Love.

This is a perfect gift to all children especially those who have shared a special bond with a Nanny, Babysitter or Caregiver.

Author Jennifer Norgriff Bernard