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What Do You Believe?: Spiritual Contemplations For One's Soul

This book is a clarion call for those who identify as Christians, but feel they could do more to explore and deepen their relationship with God. Rooted in scripture, personal experiences, and divine inspiration, it challenges the reader to dig deep and explore their own beliefs about God and all that He has said in His Word. Each chapter unpacks a key concept—belief, tripartite God, salvation, purpose, love, human nature, and the power of our words—with the aim of leading its reader away from the temptations and distractions of daily life, and back to the core of their belief system. These chapters are bookended with a more personal introduction, and a concluding chapter called ‘My Closing Defence for a Belief in God’.

God understands we’re not perfect, but He is reminding us that we are accountable. We are answerable for our beliefs, and so it’s time we start asking, “What do you believe?”

International Bestselling Author Josanne Rene Rojas

The Fine Print: The Hidden Secret Of The Evil One

The Fine Print: The Hidden Secret of the Evil One was written to help the believer of Christ identify some of the unspoken rules of the spirit realm. In Ephesians chapter six, the Bible talks about us not wrestling against flesh and blood, but against a hierarchy of unseen forces, and that we need to put on the full armor of God in order to effectively fight against those evil powers, strategies, and deceits.

In The Fint Print: The Hidden Secret of the Evil One readers can gain knowledge in understanding that there is a mastermind and manipulator behind the problems we see in our world. Unseen forces are pulling the strings attached to various events, such as global devastations and even the daily nuisances of life. There is a naivety within the body of Christ that concerns me pastor Anley Duncan, and it is his hope and prayer that this book would shed more light and bring a deeper revelation to the reader as they discover the truths of God and what he would have them to know.

The Fine Print is an outstanding piece of literary work that brings into light the secret works of the evil one and is a MUST read!!!

Author Pastor Anley Duncan

The Confrontation Of Mystery Of The Future Events: Life And Judgment

This is a book written to help the believer of Christ truly understand the need to live a Christ-centered life. Using the timeline and information of the end times, as described in the bible, this book serves as a wakeup call to everyone to prepare for the coming of Christ. Through informed illustration, wisdom, and scripture, Pastor Anley Duncan discusses a myriad of topics designed to give a clear understanding of the word of God as it pertains to future events.

Readers do not need to be a theologian or a bible scholar to understand the challenging topic and concepts surrounding the topic of eschatology. Duncan addresses hard topics such as the seventy weeks, great tribulation, the significance of the trumpet and vial, in such a way that everyone can understand. In the end, readers not only will be enlightened of the end time, but will also be encouraged to live a life that is pleasing to God.

Author Pastor Anley Duncan