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“Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste” —Winston Churchill

We are seeking Purposeful, Powerful, Dynamic, and Fearless Women and Men, who are armed with a SURVIVAL or INSPIRATIONAL story to join our book collaboration: The Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste Anthology Series.

Have you overcome a great hardship, and you are bursting to share that story with others? Can your personal experience help others accomplish the same life goals or achieve victory over their struggles? Is your life story transformational and awe-inspiring?

Consider contributing your story to an anthology! As a co-author in our Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste anthology series, you will establish credibility and level up your title to “Published Author.” Our first anthology was an International Bestseller, and we expect bestselling status for the others, as well. Imagine this enhancement to your resumé and social media bios.

If writing is not your strong suit, never fear. We will help you through every step of the process. Plus, as a contributing author, you are only responsible for writing one chapter of the book. If you’ve never written a book, participating in our anthology program will allow you to experience a taste of the writing/publishing process. You just might take to it and choose to continue your journey as an author.

Join us as one of our Bestselling Authors. Apply below!

Our Mission Is to Help Women and Men Thrive!

We are looking for incredible people to share their stories to empower others. Our mission is to create a global movement in which women and men live abundant lives with work they are passionate about that gives them a lifestyle of freedom and success.

Being a co-author in the Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste anthology series gives you immediate exposure and the ability to profit on each book in the series.

If you’ve ever dreamed of being a published author—an influencer, an inspiration—now is the time! Join our team of anthology authors. The Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste is a full series of books that promote inspirational stories in categories like life, spirituality, parenting, business, personal development and more. But we have limited availability for the remaining books, so apply to be one of our authors now!

Upcoming Writing Opportunities

We are excited to share our wonderful lineup of writing opportunities! Please see all of our current writing anthology opportunities.

The Secret Prayer of a Righteous Black Woman: The Power of a Mother’s Prayer

Release Time

Published on August 29th, 2021

The Mission of the Book

It takes a lot of courage to share our deepest parenting worries, but worry is what we do as parents. Many do not realize the power we have available to us when we take our authority in prayer and learn how to surrender it all unto God. The truth be told, there would be no such thing as doubt, fear, or anxiety when it comes to our children because we would be on our faces before God, storming the heavenly realms in battle with the darkness and evil forces in our world for them.

Unfortunately, all Black mothers live in a state of deepened emotions. We feel joy each time we see our child smile, excited watching them learn to tie their shoes, proud when they graduate the different levels of their academic journey. And we feel fear. Black mothers carry a fear that the part of them that goes out into the world every day could meet harm. 

In the United States alone, police brutality is among the leading causes of death for Black men and boys, and racism has been linked to poor mental health outcomes. This fear is not a 

hypothetical for mothers of Black children—it is a daily reality, and not just for those of us with sons but for mothers with daughters too. The mission of this book is to bring hope, enlightenment, and meaningful cultural transformation to many mothers from our complex and intersecting stories.

The Secret Prayer of a Righteous Black Woman: The Power of a Mother’s Prayer will be a powerful resource, providing wisdom, comfort, and prayer for Black moms all over the world. The real-life, inspirational stories and powerful prayers within will bring peace, lightening the weight of unwanted burdens and worries that Black moms have been carrying since the day they learned of their conception.

Freedom Starts in the Mind: As a Man Thinketh

Release Time

To be released in 2022

The Mission of the Book

So many people walking around look as if they are free, but they are being held captive in a mental prison. The charges have been brought against them, and they have been prosecuted with condemnation, guilt, despair, shame, anxiety, hopelessness, unworthiness, depression, and suicidal thoughts—for which they are serving life imprisonment.

For those people, this book offers the key to freedom. It acknowledges that we all struggle with things that we’ve convinced ourselves we can’t escape. We have fallen victim to this false prophecy that we can’t be or do any better. Freedom Starts in the Mind: As a Man Thinketh will bring comfort and encouragement as the stories within offer clarity and strength and serve as the reader’s guide to creating their blueprint for freedom.

As a powerful resource in the pursuit of freedom from a negative mindset and limiting beliefs, the book is filled with real-life, inspirational stories from 12 authors who were once prisoners and are now set free, walking boldly and without judgement in their purpose. It will serve our readers, both women and men, to step forward with fearlessness and live a purposeful and rewarding life.

We will be taking up to 12 co-authors with an inspiring story to participate in this powerful book Compiled by Reea Rodney.  We will be doing our best-selling campaigns, publishing, and printing to release our powerful book in 2021.

2020—The Year All the Lemons Were Served: Finding Optimism During Adversity

Release Time

To be released in 2022

The Mission of the Book

This book is a powerful resource for those seeking to develop the ability to think outside the box, to stretch outside their comfort zone and beyond their imagination, and to experience courage, compassion, strength, and faith. It will ignite the imagination to take the road less travelled and succeed beyond expectations.

This book positions the co-authors as experts and influencers who have the courage to be vulnerable and allow their followers to see how leaders cope in challenging times and circumstances. It will serve our readers to step forward as women and men in a more empowered and purposeful way.

As times continue to be even more trying, people all around the world are experiencing collective trauma as a result of the direct and indirect effects of COVID-19. If there is a modicum of hope in our current circumstance it is that we are in control of our thoughts, actions, and destinations. Challenge your negative thoughts. Reframe the situation and see what positive outcomes are possible. Choose to see the glass half-full—find optimism in a time of pandemic.

We will be taking up to 12 co-authors with an inspiring story to participate in this powerful book Compiled by Reea Rodney.  We will be doing our best-selling campaigns, publishing, and printing to release our powerful book in 2021.

By joining our anthology, you will:

  • Share your story to inspire others around the world.
  • Be a published author—perhaps even a bestselling author!
  • Earn your status as a “trusted expert in your field.”
  • Expand your audience, platform, and network.
  • Multiply your exposure as your message is shared not only by you, but by your co-authors, as well.
  • Book speaking gigs for increased profit and visibility.
  • See your name on the cover of a book that sells around the world.
  • Increase the possibility of other joint ventures and business opportunities.
  • Create an Amazon Author Page with your headshot, bio, and links to your other books.
  • Be available for podcast, radio, and speaking opportunities only for authors.  

Our current co-authors are becoming International and #1 Bestselling Authors. Now is the time to be a part of our movement, which will generate income and grow your sphere of influence. A one-time fee helps offset the costs of production—editing, design, and publishing—book coaching and mentorship, as well as marketing and promotion 

For more information on the pricing and process, apply below

Here’s Our 6 Steps to Becoming an Anthology Author

STEP #1: You sign a contract with Dara Publishing, LLC, agreeing to be a collaborative partner in the book project. You will receive a welcome letter and a detailed outline of the anthology process.

STEP #2: Once all the authors are on board, we will meet once a week for 12 weeks, working as a team to create the content for this collaborative work. Each week will focus on specific tasks, such as mindset coaching and writing coaching. Three masterclass training sessions are included during this time, the category of which depend on the package you selected when registering.

STEP #3: Next steps are design, editing, and layout. You can take some time off as the team of experts at Dara Publishing create a polished final book from our collaborative efforts. During the production process, we will work together to plan a Bestseller Campaign with marketing materials to use in the promotion of our book.

STEP #4: Almost there! After proofreading, we will implement any final changes and submit book our book for publishing.

STEP #5: Time to celebrate our new Bestselling Published Authors’* success through the Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste book launch, which will utilize the Dara Publishing social media reach and the reach of each participating co-author. We will also create buzz for you as a featured author on a Podcast platform.

STEP #6: As published authors, you and co-authors will continue your journey with your new book, credibility, expanded reach, high visibility as an Amazon Bestselling Published Author. *

Share Your Story, Gain Influence, and Become an Amazon #1 Bestselling Author!

Your book is the bridge that leads to your ideal client:

  • When you share your failures and weaknesses, clients appreciateyour honesty.
  • People will relate to you and your story, creating intimacyand trust.
  • Knowing you overcame your challenges inspires clients to overcome theirs.
  • Clients will Google your name anyway, so why not impress them with your book?
  • Don’t minimize your worth. Instead embrace your greatness, and share your story with the world. Regardless of who you are or what you do, your efforts will pay off.

Being a Published Author in an Anthology:

  • Gives you credibilityand takes you to a higher
  • Sets you apart as a unique
  • Increases your level of influenceand exposure, making it easier to be seen and heard.
  • Opens unimaginable doors and provides opportunitiesyou didn’t think possible.
  • ​Yields instant extra revenue, as each book sale earns you about a $12-$15.

The Anthology Program Includes the Following:

  • Professional Headshot for the Back Cover
  • ​Headshot, Bio, & Business Info inside the Book
  • ​Writing Collaboration/Coaching for Your Chapter
  • Masterclass training on how you can leverage and monetize your book
  • ​Editing & Proofreading
  • ​Professional Interior Formatting
  • ​ISBN Number & Copyright Registration
  • ​“About the Author” Page & Unlimited Support
  • ​Bestseller Campaign
  • ​Books for Revenue Generation
  • ​Social Media Marketing Guidance
  • ​Prepared Press Release
  • ​Social Media Blurbs for Facebook and Twitter
  • ​Book Cover & Marketing Graphics
  • And so much more…….

Potential Earnings from Book Sales:

Sell 100 Books

ESTIMATED PROFIT $1,200 – $1,500

Sell 200 Books

ESTIMATED PROFIT $2,400 - $3,000

Sell 500 Books

ESTIMATED PROFIT $6,000 - $7,500

Sell 1000 Books

ESTIMATED PROFIT $12,000 - $15,000

Rhonda Small Peters
International Bestselling Author

I have always aspired to be a writer, but somehow, I could never take those pivotal first steps to making that dream a reality. Coach Reea helped me to bridge the gap between dreaming of being an author and actually becoming one when I got the opportunity to be one of the co-authors in her Anthology series Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste. I must say that she is amazing at what she does; her professionalism coupled with her passion really inspired and motivated me. She’s very supportive and encouraging—you almost feel as though she’s willing you to succeed. Giving up is not an option. I absolutely love her step-by-step approach to writing, which made it less challenging. Another bonus to her program is that she encourages you to tap into your giftings and abilities and explore alternative avenues to earn multiple streams of income, using your book as a springboard to financial success. To help you get started, she offers specifically tailored courses that are very detailed and simple to implement. I went from someone who wanted to write to an International Bestselling Author in less than 90 days. All in all, I would recommend Author/Coach Reea, simply because she’s amazing at what she does. In fact, if I had to use one word to describe her and her program, it would be phenomenal.

Michelle W. Fuqua
International Bestselling Author

WOW! That was an amazing experience, and I would do it again! The dedication, service delivery, and dedication that Dara Publishing provided is incredible. I want to talk about The Secret Prayer of a Righteous Black Woman anthology project and its visionary, Reea Rodney, who is the owner of Dara Publishing. When she invited me to participate in this anthology, I was not really sure what I was going to get out of it. But through Reea’s program, we created a powerful, life-changing book. She taught us the business end of the book publication, such as how to find speaking opportunities, the ins and outs of retail business, and how to turn this experience into coaching. I want to encourage you first to get a copy of the book. But then, if you have any desires to publish, Reea’s got some other anthologies coming up that I would recommend you think about getting in. If you want to publish your own book, I recommend Dara Publishing as an excellent service, and Reea is just the person to take you through the journey. So again, I want to thank Reea and Dara Publishing for everything that I learned as we created this book. I also want to thank Reea for your willingness to give and share and the love that she showed as we completed this business endeavor.

Debra Turner-Ray
International Bestselling Author

I would like to thank Reea Rodney and Dara Publishing for the opportunity to be a part of the Anthology project. Reea took 12 strangers and turned them into sisters/friends. I am truly grateful to have been able to partake in this project, which has made us not only #1 Bestselling Authors but International Bestselling Authors. I thank God for her patience and her love of God to reach such an awesome goal. I can’t wait to work with her again. To God Be the Glory!  

Tanisa Newby
International Bestselling Author

My name is Tanisa Newby, co-author, and number-one bestselling and international author. The inspiration behind The Secret Prayer of a Righteous Black Woman was birthed and came to life thanks to Reea Rodney of Dara Publishing, along with the stories of 11 incredible women. Reea is a phenomenal woman—very serious about getting the work done while exercising lots of patience. Her workshops were on time and informative, giving step-by-step guidelines to take us to the next level of our book writing and publishing journey. Being a co-author of a bestseller is an amazing feeling, and I couldn’t have gotten this far without the help of our coach paying attention to every detail. I had the opportunity to do podcasts, blogs, and other interviews to promote and share my personal story. I would recommend this service to anyone who is interested in sharing their own story, be it in the form of poetry, a journal, or a children’s book. Coach Reea has all the resources to make your book a reality. I am honored to have been able to share my story with the help of Dara Publishing, and I am looking forward to working with Coach Reea on my upcoming children book series.

Pastor Marlene Asseviero
International Bestselling Author

My name is Pastor Marlene Asseviero, and I had the privilege of working with Mrs. Reea Rodney of Dara Publishing Company on an Anthology Book Project. Mrs. Rodney was my writing coach for thirteen weeks; she was precise, thorough, and very informative with her coaching. I doubt I’d be a published author today without the training, patience, and confidence afforded to me by Mrs. Rodney. Her support, knowledge, understanding, and encouragement was unfailing, and her belief in me gave me the strength and confidence to keep on writing. I left each coaching session armed to tackle the next phase of the writing-to-publishing process. If you are writing a book, trying to land a book proposal, or struggling to finish a manuscript on time, I strongly recommend Mrs. Reea Rodney of Dara Publishing Company. Call her today, set up your first appointment, and get busy on fulfilling your dream.

Ms. Fenyx Blue
International Bestselling Author

I have published five books in multiple genres, but I must say, I have had the most enjoyable time working with Reea Rodney during her Anthology Program. Reea knows how to blend business with building relationships effortlessly. She overdelivers when it comes to content, leadership, and vision. I truly enjoyed that faith was a part of our process: The 12 ladies who participated in the program prayed together along the journey until the end of the project. We continue to reach out to one another even now. Reea was able to teach all levels of clients, from those who were new to publishing to veterans like me. We all walked away with knowledge, experience, and an amazing product. There are many anthology programs that deliver a book, but Reea’s program was a life-changing experience because it was a mastermind on changing your mindset and using your talents and assets. I fully recommend Coach Reea Rodney to any writer who wants to be a success. “If you want to be a success, work with the best...Coach Reea Rodney.

Deborah Carrington
International Bestselling Author

I’m Deborah Carrington, co-author and student of Coach Reea Rodney. I met Reea a little over a year ago, and she offered me the opportunity to be a part of her Anthology, The Secret Prayer of a Righteous Black Woman: The Power of a Mother’s Prayer. I came into this program without any knowledge of writing a book or how much work needed to be done, yet with every challenge I faced, Coach Reea was there to encourage and motivate me. She is an amazing Coach and Teacher, Friend, Nurturer, Prayer Warrior, and most of all, a Beautiful Person. I found some parts of me that I’d lost, and I left her program with Clarity, Vision, and Peace. I have so much work to do, but the tools Coach Reea has equipped me with I will take along with me on my journey. What I enjoyed the most about this program was working alongside 11 dynamic women, most of whom were strangers, but it only took us about two weeks to form a Sisterhood/Movement. I’ll cherish this experience forever, especially becoming an International Bestselling Author, which never in my wildest dreams did I think was possible. To be honest, I feel like I’ve grown a few inches taller with pride and honor. I highly recommend Coach Reea. I say with confidence that working with her will change your life in the most positive way. I am elated that I seized the opportunity to invest in myself—to do something for me—and the investment was well worth it. Thank you, Coach! You rock!

Chandele Morris
International Bestselling Author

I was an author in the Anthology, The Secret Prayer of a Righteous Black Woman: The Power of a Mother’s Prayer. I was grateful for the opportunity because I love working with Reea. This would be my second book with her. She coached me to self-publish my first book, I’m Just a Kid: A Social Emotional Book About Self-Regulation. Not only is Reea a coach but she becomes your friend. When you’re doing an anthology with her, you feel valued, and you become a part of a team. A great thing about working with Reea as a book coach is that she is also a life coach. She listens to you, and as you write, she is your cheerleader. That is not something you can pay for. It is rare, and it is what makes Reea stand out from the crowd. As you write, Reea really gets you to think. She encourages you to look deep inside your heart and truly get to know yourself—even the parts that you may not be aware of. After working with Reea, you begin to learn things about yourself, and it makes you stronger—it makes you wiser, and it makes your writing even more relatable. I would recommend anyone to work with Reea on any anthology she is doing or as a consultant if you are looking to self-publish a book of your own!

Irina Curenton
International Bestselling Author

Reea is an excellent coach who believes in producing quality material. She is all about excellence and holding others as well as herself to a high standard. Before I joined Reea’s Anthology Program, I had no idea how to publish a book or all that the publishing process entailed. By walking through her 12-week Anthology Program, I learned so much more than just about the writing process; we learned how to take our Author’s Journey and turn it into a business with multiple streams of revenue. She is an excellent teacher who gives personalized attention and offers to walk you through every step of the process with excellence. Reea’s program is perfect for those who want to write and publish their books using a hands-on approach. She delivers all that she promises and more! I highly recommend Coach Reea and Dara Publishing to any aspiring author who wants to achieve Bestselling Author and Bestselling International Author status. She gets the job done! Thank you, Reea, for all you do and your commitment to excellence! You are appreciated!

Leslieann Jack
International Bestselling Author

Coach Reea always delivers, and her Anthology Program did just that and more. One of my family members had participated in one of Coach Reea’s programs before, so going into this, I was confident in her program, and I especially appreciated the way it was structured. I’m a first-time writer, and her program made me into an Amazon Bestselling and International Bestselling Author, so believe me when I say that Coach Reea’s programs deliver. I enjoyed her sessions; she makes it fun yet informative. Her vision for each author was strategically thought out to accommodate every level of writing—from first-time writers like myself to established authors. Her program took everyone to the next level. She was accessible to her clients; everyone was treated professionally and with respect. I appreciated that because, not knowing if I had it in me to write my story, she created a safe space for a beginner to feel confident amongst those who had written books before. This program was a great experience for me, and I would recommend it to every writer—no matter your level of writing—because it can take you to the next level as an author. There are benefits in this program that are strategically placed in a step-by-step format to help you monetize your book and yourself. It is indeed worth the investment in more ways than one. Thank you, Coach Reea!

Want More Information on Pricing and Process?

    Meet the FOUNDER and CEO of this Amazing Platform: Reea Rodney

    Reea Rodney is not only a Self-Publishing Consultant and Bestselling Author. She’s also a Certified Parent and Children’s Life Coach, Cognitive and Behavioral (CBT) Coach, Motivational Speaker, and the CEO and Founder of Dara Publishing, LLC, and Dara Wisdom and Empowerment Coaching. 

    She has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX and is very passionate about the work she does and the life she impacts. Reea has been spreading the word of Empowerment through her books, coaching programs, and speaking events, and she wants to help others do the same. Reea believes that everyone has a unique story that is waiting to be unleashed, and her desire is to help them tap into their power source and create IMPACT.