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The Secret Prayer of a Righteous Black Woman

International Bestselling Authors: Visionary Author Reea Rodney – Co-Authors: Fenyx Blue, Rhonda Small Peters, Michelle W. Fuqua, Debra Turner-Ray, Chandele Morris, Leslie Ann Jack, Deborah Corea Carrington, Marlene Asseviero, Tanisa Newby, Irina Curenton, Pamela Wilson.

“There are a few things more powerful than the faithful prayer of a righteous mother.” Boyd K. Packer

Fear. Distrust. Anger. Pain…Must Go.
You Can Break the Chains Holding You Captive to Fear

In the deepest valley of our souls lurks a giant called Fear. It taunts, it lies, it torments. And we hear its voice from deep down within us—in the middle of the night, or after the kids have gone to school, or when watching the evening news. This negative thinking and irrational feelings lead to misguided behavior that keeps us in bondage. But if you feel trapped by any of these Goliaths in your life, know that you are not alone—you can break free.

As a Black Mother, you may find a menacing giant is seeking to devour you from within. Fear is a stronghold that limits your ability to fully function in your role as a parent. Frozen in its grip—terrified that your children may be marginalized or traumatized by race-related hatred or violence—you lose sight of the promise that God has for you and your children. Disheartened and defeated, you succumb to fear and reside in that valley of doubt.

Often times we want to do or become better versions of ourselves, yet struggle with this. Why? Because we tend to not know where to start or what tools we need when pursuing a happier life. I cannot begin to tell you how I struggled with this myself. There were so many ups and downs in almost every aspect of my life – marriage, parenting, health scares, friendships, workplace, and spiritual. 

I was through with the emotional roller coaster and even more so with how these stresses made me view myself. In fact, I became lost, forgetting who I was. This was when my pursuit of self-discovery began. I had to come face to face with several areas, all which have become topics within this journal. At times, it was difficult as I had to look at the person in the mirror, answer challenging questions, relive some experiences I’d hope to lock away forever, and still love myself through it all. To say this was difficult and at times grueling is an understatement.
But it was well worth the experience! By doing the work, I was able to break through some barrier and loose the chains that had me bound, figuratively. I have come to appreciate me so much so that I wanted women, like yourself, to experience the joy that I have. That is what this journal is designed to do. It serves as a guide or compass to help you become a better and happier you. 
In the end, I desire that you will be empowered and see the awesomeness which is YOU! BONUS!!! Included in this journal is a link to my Signature 10 Step Goal Setting Worksheet Kit JUST FOR YOU! Happy journaling!

The Badass Witch: A Romance Novel About the Power of a Woman

Will she be awarded the CEO position she’s worked so hard for, or will attraction get in the way of her success?

Gwendolyn Thompson is an ambitious businesswoman with aspirations of becoming the youngest CEO of the company she works for, Armedia, Inc. En route to her goal, she meets Octave Royal, the heir of the company, who cannot help falling in love with this intelligent, outspoken woman. Unfortunately, his attraction to her isn’t reciprocated. As her boss, in the midst of the Me Too movement, he must pursue with caution, or otherwise end up on a park bench with other disgraced execs, saying, ”Me Too got me, too.”

This is a story of ambition and love, interspersed with stories of other badass women from history and legend, from Cleopatra to Harriet Tubman, and Madame C. J. Walker to Beyoncé. It is a book for every woman who loves herself and for every man who loves a woman.

Bestselling Author Excellus O. Hyland

Poetic Sounds From the Spirit 

Life is filled with many valuable lessons, but a life in God is most fulfilling. In Poetic Sounds from the Spirit, readers are taken through a host of experiences through the eyes of author, Candace Wallace. In the first half of her book be stirred by poetry inspired by God, to encourage, teach, and guide you through such topics: Gift & Calling, Depression, Hidden Scars, and Victory. The second half opens a treasure chest filled with pearls of wisdom about love, relationships, worship, and the ever-powerful love of God. Poetic Sounds from the Spirit is packed with illuminated insight and timeless truths suitable for teens, young, and mature adults. Get ready for a thought-provoking ride through the heartbeat of a victory and grace.

Author Candace Wallace

I Empower Me - Mindfulness and Empowerment: A Guide for Parents and Educators

Anyone responsible for the well-being of a child will tell you it’s no easy task! With all the daily distractions thrown their way, it’s no wonder our children struggle with the chaos. How can parents and teachers be heard above the commotion? How can we foster self-love and assurance amid all the unhealthy influences in our children’s world?

In I Empower Me (Mindfulness and Empowerment): A Guide for Parents and Educators, Reea Rodney provides a voice of truth. With inspirational tips and activities, I Empower Me empowers us to teach our children to overcome bullying, cultivate self-esteem, and build confidence, as well as other essentials for productive living.

Rodney’s years of experience as a Mom, Childcare Provider, and Life Coach for children inspire her teachings, proven to positively impact the personal development of children. If you are a parent, teacher, or caretaker, who desires to empathically lead and motivate the child in your care, then this guide is for you.

Freedom Starts in the Mind: As a Man Thinketh

So many people walking around look as if they are free, but they are being held captive in a mental prison. The charges have been brought against them, and they have been prosecuted with condemnation, guilt, despair, shame, anxiety, hopelessness, unworthiness, depression, and suicidal thoughts—for which they are serving life imprisonment.

For those people, this book offers the key to freedom. It acknowledges that we all struggle with things that we’ve convinced ourselves we can’t escape. We have fallen victim to this false prophecy that we can’t be or do any better. Freedom Starts in the Mind: As a Man Thinketh will bring comfort and encouragement as the stories within offer clarity and strength and serve as the reader’s guide to creating their blueprint for freedom.

 Author Reea Rodney and 11 other Authors

2020—The Year All the Lemons Were Served: Finding Optimism During Adversity

This book is a powerful resource for those seeking to develop the ability to think outside the box, to stretch outside their comfort zone and beyond their imagination, and to experience courage, compassion, strength, and faith. It will ignite the imagination to take the road less travelled and succeed beyond expectations.

This book positions the co-authors as experts and influencers who have the courage to be vulnerable and allow their followers to see how leaders cope in challenging times and circumstances. It will serve our readers to step forward as women and men in a more empowered and purposeful way.

Author Reea Rodney and 11 other Co-authors

The Fine Print: The Hidden Secret of the Evil One

The Fine Print: The Hidden Secret of the Evil One was written to help the believer of Christ identify some of the unspoken rules of the spirit realm. In Ephesians chapter six, the Bible talks about us not wrestling against flesh and blood, but against a hierarchy of unseen forces, and that we need to put on the full armor of God in order to effectively fight against those evil powers, strategies, and deceits.

In The Fint Print: The Hidden Secret of the Evil One readers can gain knowledge in understanding that there is a mastermind and manipulator behind the problems we see in our world. Unseen forces are pulling the strings attached to various events, such as global devastations and even the daily nuisances of life. There is a naivety within the body of Christ that concerns me pastor Anley Duncan, and it is his hope and prayer that this book would shed more light and bring a deeper revelation to the reader as they discover the truths of God and what he would have them to know.

The Fine Print is an outstanding piece of literary work that brings into light the secret works of the evil one and is a MUST read!!!

Author Pastor Anley Duncan

Keeping My Song in the Face of Cancer: Claiming Healing and Choosing Life

Candace Wallace received the shock of her life when she saw the doctor about a painful lump in her breast and came away with a Stage 2 Triple-Negative Breast Cancer diagnosis. In her book, Keeping My Song in the Face of Cancer, she shares all the disbelief, anger, and pain of enduring such an aggressive cancer and brutal chemotherapy regimen. But despite all the suffering and losses, Candace did not accept her diagnosis as a death sentence. Her Healer and Great Physician carried her through, gave her a song, and set before her a choice: and she chose life.

This book is Candace’s song, and its melody will minister to any who need healing or need to know that God is still performing miracles. Brimming with powerful scripture, prayer, poetry, and honesty, Keeping My Song in the Face of Cancer will give you a newfound faith to face your own adversities…and keep singing all the while.

Author Candace Wallace

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