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Learning How To Empower Myself: A 12 Week Guide Toward Self-Empowerment For Women

Often times we want to do or become better versions of ourselves, yet struggle with this. Why? Because we tend to not know where to start or what tools we need when pursuing a happier life. I cannot begin to tell you how I struggled with this myself. There were so many ups and downs in almost every aspect of my life – marriage, parenting, health scares, friendships, workplace, and spiritual. 

I was through with the emotional roller coaster and even more so with how these stresses made me view myself. In fact, I became lost, forgetting who I was. This was when my pursuit of self-discovery began. I had to come face to face with several areas, all which have become topics within this journal. At times, it was difficult as I had to look at the person in the mirror, answer challenging questions, relive some experiences I’d hope to lock away forever, and still love myself through it all. To say this was difficult and at times grueling is an understatement.

 But it was well worth the experience! By doing the work, I was able to break through some barrier and loose the chains that had me bound, figuratively. I have come to appreciate me so much so that I wanted women, like yourself, to experience the joy that I have. That is what this journal is designed to do. It serves as a guide or compass to help you become a better and happier you. 

In the end, I desire that you will be empowered and see the awesomeness which is YOU! BONUS!!! Included in this journal is a link to my Signature 10 Step Goal Setting Worksheet Kit JUST FOR YOU! Happy journaling!