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In the competitive landscape of the publishing world, an author’s success is not solely determined by the brilliance of their work but also by their ability to effectively market and promote it. Implementing a robust marketing strategy is crucial for authors aiming to reach a wider audience and maximize the impact of their literary creations. At Dara Publishing, we understand the significance of a comprehensive marketing approach and offer a range of services tailored to elevate an author’s visibility and engagement.

Press Release Writing Service

Even though a press release aims to promote the book, it should never read as an advertisement. You’ve got to position it as news. A well-written press release can significantly impact your book’s success and will bring exposure to you as the author. 

We will work with you on defining the core message of your book and what you want to get across to your prospective readers. We will then write the release to have the best chance of accomplishing that task.

  • We will email a questionnaire to you with specific questions about your book, which will help our specialist write the release.
  • Critical sections of the book will be reviewed and analyzed to ensure a clear concept of the book’s message before the press release is written by one of our editors.
  • 450-600 words press release will be emailed in a word document for you to proof.
  • We will make any requested changes and then send you the final copy.


What You Will Get: You will receive an incredibly well-written release which will be ready for distribution.

Service Notes: This service is for a single written press release and does not include distribution.

Service Category: Book Launching

Service Goals: Professionalism, Exposure

Delivery Time: 1 Week After the Questionnaire is Returned

Service Price: $250.00

Keyword Analysis and Optimization

We Will Find Keywords that Readers Type Into Amazon

Keywords are words or phrases your target customers search for when seeking an answer or solution. Using specific software, we will research and find keywords that people type into the amazon search engine monthly, which would also provide us with data on your current keywords to see how effective they are. 

Once we’ve gathered this information, we can adjust accordingly by researching seven new keywords that would be more effective based on our data, which will help your book get more visibility. 

Included in this Service

  • Information on the competitive score shows how hard it is to rank your book for your keyword.
  • Information about the estimated average earnings for the top books ranked using your keywords.
  • Information on the estimated number of people who typed in your keyword phrases on Amazon each month. 


What To Expect: By ensuring that your book has the right keywords or phrases embedded, you can expect increased qualified traffic to your book sales pages. 

Service Notes: You can use these keywords for other retailers and your book website.

Service Category: Market Research

Service Goals: Increase Exposure and Book Sales

Service Price: $150.00

Creation of a Professional Author Digital Media Kit

A Media Kit is a traditional tool vital to promoting your book and author brand. A media kit is the perfect thing to have on hand, ready to send out to reviewers, bloggers, media outlets, bookstores, and more. It contains various information for anyone who wants further details about you and your book or wants to share it with a larger audience. 

We will email a questionnaire to you with specific questions and a list of what we will need to ensure that we are equipped to create your media kit.

Included in this Service

We create a PDF document with important information about you and your book, such as

  • About the author
  • Author professional photo
  • Excerpt about your book
  • 3D image of our book cover
  • Press release (if you have one)
  • The book introduction and editorial reviews
  • Discussion and talking points
  • Reviews and endorsements
  • Information on purchasing


What To Expect: As a published author having a professional media kit increases your chances of interviews and more articles being written about your book because it ensures that people know what they need to know about you and your book.

Service Category: Book Launching and Promoting

Service Goals: Professionalism, Attractiveness, Exposure

Service Price: $300.00

Author Landing Page/Website

An author’s landing page or website is their glorified land, highlighting everything about who you are, what you do, what you’ve written, and so on. But your website’s design can make or break you, so we are here to help you succeed. 

An important fact to remember is that people view websites in a similar way they view book covers. If it leaves them with a not interesting first impression, it can turn them away. And it can give the appearance that you’re unprofessional and don’t put much effort into your site, and perhaps you put the same effort into your books.

Included in this Service

  • Main Book Image
  • About the Book
  • Reviews and Endorsement 
  • Call to Action
  • About the Author
  • Ask the Author (FAQ)
  • Media Press Release
  • Contact the Author
  • Other Book by the Author
  • Custom Color and Theme


What to Expect: We will design a professional Author Landing Page/ Website for you with all the essential elements included as listed above.

Service Category: Marketing and Promoting

Service Goals: Professionalism, Attractiveness, Exposure

Service Price: $250.00 – $450.00

Video Book Trailer

Share an Attention-grabbing Video Trailer of Your Book. We will create an appealing, attention-getting, high-resolution video trailer for your book that you can use on social media, your author’s website, and your Amazon Author Central page, etc.,

Included in this Service

  • 1920/4K Video, music, Overlay text.
  • A 60-90 second trailer for your book
  • We provide you with the mp4 file for Internet distribution
  • If we have access to your Amazon account, we will upload it for you there.


What To Expect: We will use the front and back of your book cover, the inside of your book (illustration if it’s a children’s book), reviews, and your book description to create a short (60-90 second) video trailer that highlights your book.

Service Notes: Our book trailers are an essential service that uses stock videos and photography. We give our media specialists complete control over the production, letting them choose the background videos, colors, sounds, etc. However, if you have a specific video you would like to use, please feel free to share it with us. Please let us know if you have reviews or sections of the text you want to highlight in the video. This service applies to a single title only.

Service Category: Launching

Service Goals: Exposure

Service Price: $75.00

Category Research/Placement of your Book Listed with THREE Categories on Amazon

We can select the correct categories for your book by using specific software that can provide us with accurate stats on Amazon categories. As a result, your book’s visibility will improve on Amazon and can aid you in your book becoming an Amazon Bestseller if done correctly.

Included in this Service

  • We will get your existing categories from Amazon and analyze those.
  • We choose three (3) categories for you for your eBook.
  • We pick three (3) categories for you for your print book.
  • We provide you with essential details, including
    • The average earnings for the top books ranked using this keyword
    • The number of people who typed that phrase in Amazon each month
    • The competitive score—how hard it is for your book to rank using those categories


What To Expect: Better categories mean more targeted traffic to your Amazon page, and more categories mean more traffic to your Amazon page. Ultimately, this leads to better chances of selling more books.

Service Notes: Your book should be on Amazon, or you should be planning on having your book on Amazon for this service. However, while the categories are specific to Amazon, they can be helpful for other retailers.

Service Category: Market Research

Service Goals: Exposure, Sales

Service Price: $150.00

Children's Book Ghostwriting Services

Many people have a lot of ideas or one big story concept they want to turn into a book. Still, they need help because writing a children’s book can be challenging, especially if you’re a new author or have recently transitioned from writing adult books. Ghostwriting entails turning an idea into a finished book –just as if you were writing it yourself– but without having to commit any of your time and effort.


  • Our ghostwriting process starts with an in-depth interview to better understand your story and target audience.
  • The duration of our ghostwriting and editing process is determined by the length of your book, research, and the number of revisions you want.
  • We welcome any changes from your side and incorporate your feedback to provide you with the quality you want.


What to expect: Trade Picture Books typically have a standard page count of 32 and are geared toward children between the ages of 3 and 8, and the word count for this book is usually between 600 to 1000 words.

Service Notes: This service is for a single title. The client retains all the rights to the story, and the ghostwriter will remain anonymous.

Service Category: Ghostwriting

Service Goals: Professional Educated, Entertaining, and Inspiring 

Service Price: $750.00 – $1000.00

Amazon's Author Central Setup

A+ Content allows you to add images, text, and comparison tables to your Amazon detail page to engage readers and give them more information as they consider buying your book. Adding A+ Content to your detail page will make your books stand out, connect readers with your books, and share more about your author’s story.


  • We will create one A+ Content project and apply for one of your books
  • We will publish your A+ Content on Amazon.com
  • We will create all the graphics for each module
  • With your input, we choose which parts of your book to highlight (and which excerpts to use if using excerpts)
  • With access to your KDP account, we will upload the modules
  • We work with you/Amazon until they are approved and is displaying on your Amazon product page


What To Expect: You can expect professional graphics and selected modules that are most likely to help persuade prospective readers to buy your book. Some authors believe that A+ Content is a must if one spends money on Amazon Ads. A+ Content is a new addition to Amazon, so we don’t have any hard data on how effective it is, but there is an abundance of anecdotal evidence from authors saying it is beneficial.

Service Notes: Amazon has many restrictions on what can be displayed, so content rejection is common. We will continue to submit your Content until approved. Updates of A+ Content not included.

Multiple Titles: No. This service applies to a single title only.

Service Category: Amazon Specific

Service Goals: Strategy, Professionalism, Attractiveness, Sales

Service Price: $300.00 USD

Amazon Bestseller Campaign

A customized bestseller campaign is created specifically for your book as you work alongside one of our coaches, who will guide you through the necessary steps of becoming an Amazon Bestseller. Becoming a bestseller will provide a significant boost to your book’s visibility and sales, as well as help garner book reviews. 


  • Researching and Identifying 3 Categories for your eBook. 
  • Research and Identify 7 KDP keywords for your eBook. 
  • Bestseller Campaign Sales Coaching on the day of the campaign
  • Monitoring of your sales dashboard and performance during the campaign. 
  • Monitoring Amazon dashboard for updates on bestseller status
  • Capturing screenshots of the bestselling categories associated with your book. 

What to expect: We have a 100% success rate of making all our authors Amazon Bestselling Authors.  Amazon Bestselling title means more targeted traffic to your Amazon page as there will be increased visibility. It also builds credibility for you as an author and positions you as an expert in your field and book topic, ultimately leading to better chances of selling more books and opening the door to multiple income opportunities. 

Service Notes: This service is for a single title using the eBook format for the campaign. You will have to give us access to your KDP account as we need to update your keywords and monitor your sales dashboard during the campaign. 

Multiple Titles: No. This service applies to a single title only.

Service Category: Amazon Specific

Service Goals: Strategy, Professionalism, Attractiveness, Sales

Service Price: $1000.00

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