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Shakeena Whitmore Interviews Reea Rodney about Fibromyalgia which is a life altering condition that Reea was diagnose with and has been dealing with for over six years. Reea is passionate about creating awareness about Fibromyalgia as there seem to be a great lack of acknowledgement about this disease.
May 12th 2017, was Fibromyalgia National Awareness Day and Reea took it upon herself to become an advocate for women dealing with this debilitating disease. Tune in to learn more about what's moves her and why she is so passionate about this platform.


Interview with Reea Rodney

Why do you write the kinds of books you do?

I’ve always been fascinated with children and I especially have a desire to help them excel from on stage to the next in any area of their development. As a mom and childcare provider, I personally have a front row seat to witness first- hand some of the things children struggle with as they grow. Issues such as coping and adjusting to change, separation anxiety, behavioral issues, love, family etc. are all important topics to be discuss. Therefore, it is my desire to offer some motherly love and guidance with these issues, but in a fun, creative and interactive way, one child at a time, one home at a time.

Do any of the books you write come from your own childhood?

I can personally relate in one way or another with the topics I write. However, a lot of my knowledge on these topics comes from being a mom, and childcare provider “Nanny.”  It also comes from my adult life, the world I see around me and the daily observations and experiences I have. All this feeds into my writing...




December 7th, 2016

Author Reea Rodney's Live Interview with radio host Empress T at Globalmedzradio.com. Click on the link to listen to the entire interview.


19 November 2016

"In this episode of our Six Weeks to Fitness podcast, I am joined by Reea Rodney, author, mother of two and childcare provider.  Originally from Trinidad, Reea migrated to Brooklyn, New York in 2006 in search for a better life for her family. Because of her passion for her work as a childcare provider and desire to help children, Reea was inspired to write children’s books. She wanted to assist not only the kids who were under her care with the day to day issues they may be facing, but kids all over the world.  Her stories addresses topics such as adjusting to change, fear, separation anxiety, bravery, imagination, witty personality, love, compassion and teamwork. Although Reea’s first book, “Juniper and Rose: Sisters and Best Friends Forever,” was written in 2012, Reea held back from releasing the book until October, 2016, due to fear and low self-esteem.  It wasn’t until Reea read Steve Harvey’s book “Act Like A Success, Think Like A Success” that Reea decided to take that leap of faith and publish Juniper and Rose, which is receiving rave reviews from parents and children all across the country.  Reea’s success reminds us of that quote from Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”, where he states “whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, he can achieve”.  Reea is starting to achieve great success with Juniper and Rose, the first of a series of books about these adorable twin sisters." By on www.6weekstofitness.com

Listen to the postcast here: www.6weekstofitness.com