Juniper and Rose: One More Bite Please



Juniper and Rose: One More Bite Please

Two endearing twin sisters star in a humorous story about the triumph of the food battle, through love and imagination. Embark in an epic food battle adventure in One More Bite Please, the second book in the Juniper and Rose series. The sisters refuse to eat their meals, causing Mom and Dad to be concerned for the health of their daughters. Mom and Dad must devise a plan to not only encourage healthy eating, but make meal time more enjoyable. With peanut butter and jelly princess sandwiches, orange slices in the shape of a large goldfish, and pancakes shaped into a lion, Mom and Dad sure hope that their princesses will take a bite and end the food battles once and for all. 


Parents, in addition to this epic adventure, interactive tools, meal ideas and recipe cards of each meal listed in the book are available on the Dara Publishing website.

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