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Self-Help Books

Benefits of this book: This book will make you feel like you can overcome any obstacle you face. It will cause you to dig deep and help you cope with life’s toughest battles.

Have you ever felt defeated, stuck, or powerless?

This book will provide real life stories of how I took my power back and claimed authority over my life. I’ve experienced it all, from childhood trauma to a complicated adulthood. In my book, I will walk you through the different emotions, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors it took for me to finally reach the most rewarding stage of my life… acceptance. This book is for anyone but will be the most rewarding for the person needing to break through the things holding you back from becoming the most powerful version of yourself. We come into this world with an internal power, and the only person who can truly take it away, is the person who holds that internal power…YOU! I am hoping that after reading this book, you will not only take your power back, but you will never give it away again. I want you to know that right now, in this moment, you are POWERFUL!

Author Sam Knight

In Achieve-Men, you will learn the seven steps to achieving your dreams and goals. According to author, Warren Andrew Pinder, each one of us is given a unique gift from God; but unfortunately, we have never given thought to this fact because oftentimes the trial and tribulations we face blinds us from this truth.

However, during these challenging times our true character is revealed, and it often depicts a story of who we are. In the eye of the beholder, young men can be seen as strong or weak depending on how they react to the challenges they face. This knowledge is what inspired author Pinder to write Achieve-Men as he seeks to mentor, empower, and motivate young men to build courage from within so they can release their inner power and realize their dreams and true potential as they navigate their way to make their impact on this world.

In author Warren Pinder’s life transformational and inspiring personal development book Achieve-Men, you’ll gather the tools needed to make exponential progress towards your goals by using the acronym ACHIEVE.

International Bestselling Author Warren Andrew Pinder

If you’ve ever been betrayed, rejected, frustrated, and abandoned – or if you’re tired of making the same mistakes time and time again, it’s time to take off the masks that you wear to hide your emotional scars. Take the Limits Off will rekindle your passion for living and give you a reason to break free from your past. This is the book you’ve been waiting on. You owe it to yourself to see your own worth.

Life Coach, Rev. Sonia Whitlock, will guide and help you realize your potential in fulfilling your destiny, by identifying areas of stagnation and immaturity in your life. She will help you to identify where you may trusted your own way or allowed the judgement and opinions of others to hinder your progress. In this book, you will read life experiences, reflections, scriptures, and principles to help you become a better person. Despite your flaws and imperfections, God wants to channel your life in the right direction.

International Bestselling Author Sonia Whitlock

Anyone responsible for the well-being of a child will tell you it’s no easy task! With all the daily distractions thrown their way, it’s no wonder our children struggle with the chaos. How can parents and teachers be heard above the commotion? How can we foster self-love and assurance amid all the unhealthy influences in our children’s world?

In I Empower Me (Mindfulness and Empowerment): A Guide for Parents and Educators, Reea Rodney provides a voice of truth. With inspirational tips and activities, I Empower Me empowers us to teach our children to overcome bullying, cultivate self-esteem, and build confidence, as well as other essentials for productive living.

Rodney’s years of experience as a Mom, Childcare Provider, and Life Coach for children inspire her teachings, proven to positively impact the personal development of children. If you are a parent, teacher, or caretaker, who desires to empathically lead and motivate the child in your care, then this guide is for you.