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Book Marketing Tool Kit For Authors

If you have made it to my website’s secret page, you are one of my V.I.P Clients. You have carried your story within you for months or maybe years, and you have now entrusted Dara Publishing to help you give birth to your story. Now the BIG question is, WHAT COMES NEXT?

The answer is straightforward. You have to market your book to gain visibility and increase sales. Unfortunately, this has proven to be the most challenging step for many authors, so I have put together some FREE but very POWERFUL marketing resources for you. All you have to do is IMPLEMENT them all and stay faithful to the nurturing process of your book.

These powerful marketing resources will help you connect with your audience and increase visibility and sales.

Included is

  • Book Awards Sites Listing
  • Book Festivals Events
  • Book Bloggers Listing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • 50 Ways to Maximize Book Sales
  • Marketing Promotional Sites
  • 90 Days Social Media Content Planner Calendar
  • Public Holiday Social Media Content Calendar
  • National Day Social Media Content Calendars
  • Facebook Groups Promotional Pages
  • Black Owned Book Stores Directory
  • Non-Black Book Stores Directory
  • Tips to Throw a Profitable and Successful

Social Media Marketing

These Social Media Content Calendars is ideal for new authors who may feel like an imposter as they try to get acclimated with their new profound title. It is also for authors who need to become more social media savvy and needs help creating content ideas. 

Our Social Media Content Calendars for Authors guides authors through their first 90 Days of establishing themselves as an author so they can build the buzz around their book and increase their visibility.

It can help you to:

  • Attract Fans & Increase Engagement. Even if you have ZERO Social Media experience. 
  • Plan out an entire three months’ worth of content in JUST ONE WEEKEND!
  • Save Countless Time and Stress each day with Social Media Content PLANNED OUT!

There are two hashtags for each content idea on all three calendars, which can be used with all posts. Thirty hashtags are allowed with each post, so you can utilize as many as you want when posting. In addition, you can use some niche-related general hashtags in your post as well. And….you can switch around and reuse content if you desire, which will help you cover more days of content. In addition, we have provided you with a listing of Facebook Groups and Social Media Influencers.

Book Promotion and Marketing

No matter what your goal is for your book, to build a thriving writing career, grow your small business, or impact thousands of lives through your inspirational story: Effective book marketing is the key to your book’s success. You must drive awareness to your book and author platform through various ways of promoting your book, and we’ve provided a few free or very inexpensive ways to start the process. 

Book Stores Directory in the U.S.

If you want to experience the joy of entering a bookstore and seeing your book sitting on the shelf, you can make this your realiaty even though you’ve self-published. However, you have to go about it the right way as most bookstores will want your book to be publish through IngramSpartks. 

There are however, local bookstores who are vital pillars in the community and most of them are okay with taking the books directly from your hands. Independent bookstores support core values of community, creativity, convening, civility, and contact. If getting your book in a bookstore is a goal then we have a list of bookstores located in the U.S.

Book Launch Event

Book launches are an essential part of promoting your book, and they help you get the word out about your book and start your promotional campaign.

Whether you’re a first-time indie writer releasing your first book or an experienced pro, we have great insights, tips, and tricks for successfully launching your book. Remember, a book launch is a promotional and marketing strategy that aims to bring awareness to your new book, which leads to sales and profits.

Need help writing, publishing, or marketing your book?

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