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I Am Mr. Poe: A Novel

It’s been 172 years since we last heard from him…

Brace yourself for one last word from the Master of Mystery.

The life and death of Edgar Allan Poe are as strange and disturbing as the tales he authored. With all the contradiction and scorn surrounding America’s most misunderstood writer—not to mention the 172 years since we last heard from him—it is impossible to know the true personality behind the pen.

Or it was, until he reached out from beyond the grave to tell us himself.

In this fictional memoir, the ghost of Mr. Poe is still writing, and his current story might be the most shocking yet. He personally narrates his short time on earth, refuting the rumors, reliving the suffering, and providing the clues necessary to solve the mystery of his untimely demise.

Bestselling Author: Elle Powers

The Badass Witch: A Romance Novel About the Power of a Woman

Will she be awarded the CEO position she’s worked so hard for, or will attraction get in the way of her success?

Gwendolyn Thompson is an ambitious businesswoman with aspirations of becoming the youngest CEO of the company she works for, Armedia, Inc. En route to her goal, she meets Octave Royal, the heir of the company, who cannot help falling in love with this intelligent, outspoken woman. Unfortunately, his attraction to her isn’t reciprocated. As her boss, in the midst of the Me-Too movement, he must pursue with caution, or otherwise end up on a park bench with other disgraced execs, saying,” Me Too got me, too.”

This is a story of ambition and love, interspersed with stories of other badass women from history and legend, from Cleopatra to Harriet Tubman, and Madame C. J. Walker to Beyoncé. It is a book for every woman who loves herself and for every man who loves a woman.

Bestselling Author Excellus O. Hyland