My name is Pastor Marlene Asseviero, and I had the privilege of working with Mrs. Reea Rodney of Dara Publishing Company on an Anthology Book Project. Mrs. Rodney was my writing coach for thirteen weeks; she was precise, thorough, and very informative with her coaching.

I doubt I’d be a published author today without the training, patience, and confidence afforded to me by Mrs. Rodney. Her support, knowledge, understanding, and encouragement was unfailing, and her belief in me gave me the strength and confidence to keep on writing.

I left each coaching session armed to tackle the next phase of the writing-to-publishing process. If you are writing a book, trying to land a book proposal, or struggling to finish a manuscript on time, I strongly recommend Mrs. Reea Rodney of Dara Publishing Company. Call her today, set up your first appointment, and get busy on fulfilling your dream.