I have published five books in multiple genres, but I must say, I have had the most enjoyable time working with Reea Rodney during her Anthology Program. Reea knows how to blend business with building relationships effortlessly. She overdelivers when it comes to content, leadership, and vision. I truly enjoyed that faith was a part of our process: The 12 ladies who participated in the program prayed together along the journey until the end of the project. We continue to reach out to one another even now.

Reea was able to teach all levels of clients, from those who were new to publishing to veterans like me. We all walked away with knowledge, experience, and an amazing product. There are many anthology programs that deliver a book, but Reea’s program was a life-changing experience because it was a mastermind on changing your mindset and using your talents and assets. I fully recommend Coach Reea Rodney to any writer who wants to be a success. “If you want to be a success, work with the best…Coach Reea Rodney.