I’m Deborah Carrington, co-author and student of Coach Reea Rodney. I met Reea a little over a year ago, and she offered me the opportunity to be a part of her Anthology, The Secret Prayer of a Righteous Black Woman: The Power of a Mother’s Prayer. I came into this program without any knowledge of writing a book or how much work needed to be done, yet with every challenge I faced, Coach Reea was there to encourage and motivate me. She is an amazing Coach and Teacher, Friend, Nurturer, Prayer Warrior, and most of all, a Beautiful Person.

I found some parts of me that I’d lost, and I left her program with Clarity, Vision, and Peace. I have so much work to do, but the tools Coach Reea has equipped me with I will take along with me on my journey. What I enjoyed the most about this program was working alongside 11 dynamic women, most of whom were strangers, but it only took us about two weeks to form a Sisterhood/Movement. I’ll cherish this experience forever, especially becoming an International Bestselling Author, which never in my wildest dreams did I think was possible. To be honest, I feel like I’ve grown a few inches taller with pride and honor.

I highly recommend Coach Reea. I say with confidence that working with her will change your life in the most positive way. I am elated that I seized the opportunity to invest in myself—to do something for me—and the investment was well worth it. Thank you, Coach! You rock!