Reea is an excellent coach who believes in producing quality material. She is all about excellence and holding others as well as herself to a high standard. Before I joined Reea’s Anthology Program, I had no idea how to publish a book or all that the publishing process entailed. By walking through her 12-week Anthology Program, I learned so much more than just about the writing process; we learned how to take our Author’s Journey and turn it into a business with multiple streams of revenue. She is an excellent teacher who gives personalized attention and offers to walk you through every step of the process with excellence.

Reea’s program is perfect for those who want to write and publish their books using a hands-on approach. She delivers all that she promises and more! I highly recommend Coach Reea and Dara Publishing to any aspiring author who wants to achieve Bestselling Author and Bestselling International Author status. She gets the job done! Thank you, Reea, for all you do and your commitment to excellence! You are appreciated!