Coach Reea always delivers, and her Anthology Program did just that and more. One of my family members had participated in one of Coach Reea’s programs before, so going into this, I was confident in her program, and I especially appreciated the way it was structured. I’m a first-time writer, and her program made me into an Amazon Bestselling and International Bestselling Author, so believe me when I say that Coach Reea’s programs deliver. I enjoyed her sessions; she makes it fun yet informative. Her vision for each author was strategically thought out to accommodate every level of writing—from first-time writers like myself to established authors. Her program took everyone to the next level.

She was accessible to her clients; everyone was treated professionally and with respect. I appreciated that because, not knowing if I had it in me to write my story, she created a safe space for a beginner to feel confident amongst those who had written books before. This program was a great experience for me, and I would recommend it to every writer—no matter your level of writing—because it can take you to the next level as an author. There are benefits in this program that are strategically placed in a step-by-step format to help you monetize your book and yourself. It is indeed worth the investment in more ways than one. Thank you, Coach Reea!