As an aspiring author with a big dream of one day becoming not only a published children’s author but also an Amazon bestseller, I embarked on the journey of self-publishing. I hired Reea Rodney at Dara Publishing to help make my dream a reality, and she did not disappoint me. My children’s book, The Travels of Bumpzee and Swendee, was published within 90 days, and it looks amazing.

Reea also specializes in Bestseller Campaigns, and under her coaching and leadership, I was able to sell close to 200 eBooks, which earned me the title of #1 Bestselling Author in multiple Amazon categories. My book also achieved the Bestseller Amazon Sticker, which was very rewarding.

If you’re interested in self-publishing your book, I can assure you that working with Reea at Dara Publishing is the only way to go.