I had always dreamed about publishing the manuscript for my children’s book, but I didn’t know where to begin. Feeling overwhelmed by the lack of information, my dream of becoming an author was put on the back burner, and my words remained jotted down in a notebook for years. Fast-forward to 2021. I read an article on social media about Reea Rodney, and I knew right away that she could help make my dream come true. And so she did.

I hired Reea as my self-publishing consultant and book coach, and she took over from there. She walked me through every stage and guided me through every process. Although she was the one steering the ship, I was not excluded in any of the decision making or designing of my book. Reea is a born leader. She is patient, kind, and most of all, she treats you like a valuable person, not just a client. I went on to become a #1 Bestselling Author through Reea’s bestselling campaign program and sales coaching. I will highly recommend her service to any and everyone.