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The Secret Prayer of a Righteous Black Woman

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The Secret Prayer of a Righteous Black Woman – The Power of a Mother’s Prayer: Learn How to Identify and Eliminate Fear and Negative Thinking Through Faith

“There are a few things more powerful than the faithful prayer of a righteous mother.” Boyd K. Packer

Fear. Distrust. Anger. Pain…Must Go.
You Can Break the Chains Holding You Captive to Fear

In the deepest valley of our souls lurks a giant called Fear. It taunts, it lies, it torments. And we hear its voice from deep down within us—in the middle of the night, or after the kids have gone to school, or when watching the evening news. This negative thinking and irrational feelings lead to misguided behavior that keeps us in bondage. But if you feel trapped by any of these Goliaths in your life, know that you are not alone—you can break free.

As a Black Mother, you may find a menacing giant is seeking to devour you from within. Fear is a stronghold that limits your ability to fully function in your role as a parent. Frozen in its grip—terrified that your children may be marginalized or traumatized by race-related hatred or violence—you lose sight of the promise that God has for you and your children. Disheartened and defeated, you succumb to fear and reside in that valley of doubt.

But there is a voice that is louder than any giant’s. And there is a power that is greater than fear. “There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out all fear” (I John 4:18).

Bestselling author Reea Rodney wants to remind you of that power available to you. As a Black mother, Reea’s heart resonates with all moms raising brown-skinned boys and girls. Her personal story and life lessons, along with new insights from eleven co-authors, demonstrate how the power of prayer and a mother’s unfailing love can defeat the Goliath called FEAR and allow you to raise your children in perfect love.

Written in words so intimate and transparent, The Secret Prayer of a Righteous Black Woman: The Power of a Mother’s Prayer encourages you to Trust God and Let Go. This dynamic team of women share their parenting worries and trials and how they overcame them. God’s plan is for you to live in victory, which is why He sends these stories to empower you to silence the giant once and for all.

The Secret Prayer of a Righteous Black Woman: The Power of a Mother’s Prayer will help you to…

  • Master the power of God’s love through prayer.
  • Heal from your wounds through self-discovery and self-acceptance.
  • Embark on your own personal journey of self-discipline.
  • Break free from fear so you can live in abundance of joy as a Black parent.
  • Experience the true healing that can come only from God’s grace.
  • Become the parent you were destined to be.


Your fears and uncertainties may have tainted your view of God, the world, and yourself. But now you can break free of the giant’s grip and use your past mistakes to revolutionize your life and the lives of your children.

Names of All the Black Mothers Who Pray, Slay and Always Find a Way

Visionary Author: #1 Bestselling Author and Certified Parent & Children Life Coach Reea Rodney

Co-Authors: Fenyx Blue, Rhonda Small Peters, Michelle W. Fuqua, Debra Turner-Ray, Chandele Morris, Leslie Ann Jack, Deborah Corea Carrington, Marlene Asseviero, Tanisa Newby, Irina Curenton, Pamela Wilson.

Foreword written by: Dr. Janell Jones

Spoken Word written by: Nzinga Fortune

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