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Young Readers

Do you feel voiceless at times? Do you sometimes feel that life is unfair?

We’ve all heard the story of “The Three Little Pigs.” And we can all name the villain of that story (and others)—the Big Bad Wolf. But did you ever stop to wonder if it was all a big misunderstanding?

In this modern sequel to the classic fable, investigative reporter Andy Hare and his friends uncover the truth about the Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf during their school summer vacation. When Andy hears crying from next door and discovers the secret identity of his neighbor, Mr. Wolf, he is on the case to help clear his name!

Anyone who has been falsely accused and unfairly excluded will cheer when the truth finally comes out. Come celebrate with Andy, Mr. Wolf, and the whole community as they stand for truth and justice.

Bestselling Author Janice Jones

In the underground town of the prairie squirrels is told the legend of a magic river that granted wishes. If the river was once real, it vanished generations ago. Now, the squirrels must stay in their tunnels or risk being caught by humans, who have moved into and cleared their forest. And so, the whole town hunkers in fear underground—well, all except for young Alice, who is on a quest to find the magical, potentially mythical, river.

Before she was born, her explorer grandfather disappeared, just like the river, on his mission to find it. Alice feels it is her destiny and her family’s legacy to solve the mystery of the river and her missing grandfather. Come along with Alice, the curious squirrel, and her animal friends on their adventure to discover if the magical river ever existed and, if so, what happened to it.

Author Victoria Steele